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The successful 2021 GlobalCCU e-Forum, organised virtually for the first time, created an amazing learning momentum when it gathered GlobalCCU Awards winners, CEOs, learning and development peers, experts, facilitators and partners together from 21 countries around the globe to share, learn, be inspired and motivated.

The e-Forum programme included engaging sessions exploring two main themes – L&D resilience during Covid19 and for the time ahead and Corporate University Soft Power.

From across the world, 17 outstanding Corporate Universities were rewarded for their best-in-class achievements during the 2021 GlobalCCU Awards e-Ceremony. Following the jury’s feedback, the winners excitedly gave their acceptance speeches through a live link. Later, the Award winners shared their best practices through diligently prepared videos and live comments expertly delivered during the Winners’ Powwow.

With intelligence and generosity, the Award winners demonstrated that Corporate Universities have become considerable strategic levers, that exercise a soft power for their Organisation, their country and for the planet. Corporate Universities must be used to help our disturbed world run a little smoother, to understand it, to make it understood, to protect it and -most especially- to act!

Thank you to our esteemed circle of Partners for supporting GlobalCCU to make this important global learning event a great success!


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