Beyond borders, beyond continents, beyond cultures, the GlobalCCU e-Forum has been

  • an amazing communication event highlighting the best Corporate Universities worldwide during the 2021 GlobalCCU Awards e-Ceremony;

  • an inspiring and unique global learning event for extensive experience and knowledge sharing from GlobalCCU Awards winners, peers, experts, facilitators, judges and partners around the globe;

  • an exceptional human and intellectual journey.

An amazing communication event

highlighting the best Corporate Universities worldwide during the 2021 GlobalCCU Awards e-Ceremony

The fifth GlobalCCU Awards which recognise the very best Corporate Universities / Academies / Learning & Development structures at the global scale celebrated the 2021 winners on 5 May 2021 during an exceptional hybrid event piloted by the GlobalCCU team from a studio in Paris and through a streaming connection with the finalists around the world, plus VIPs. The finalists were assessed and chosen by an international jury.

An inspiring global learning event

Each GlobalCCU Forum is based on a main theme, and since 2013, incorporates the GlobalCCU Awards journey. This year, two themes have been addressed:

Corporate University / Learning and Development resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic
and for the time ahead

Corporate Universities are known to truly support the business of the Company / Organisation / Institution and create fruitful outcomes through their relevant strategic positioning and efficient services delivered. Many of them play with the blur, the uncertainty and prepare their leaders to face major unforeseen challenges and events through VUCA programmes, for example. However, when the Covid-19 virus pandemic happened, provoking radical social, economic and environmental transformations and disruption that impacted their parent organisation, they were themselves impacted in their daily way of work and were suddenly confronted with their resilience capacity.

It was the same for the Learning and IT providers, consultants and Business Schools who closely work with them.

What did Corporate Universities do to better understand the impact of the pandemic on their Organisation’s business, on their employees, on the Society? What did they do to help the business decision makers at various levels, internally and externally, to develop concrete and effective solutions to solve problems and seize opportunities, and improve services for the final customer? How did they help leaders and employees to not be isolated at home and benefit from this period to improve their talent and job performance? How did they take care of the most fragile people and induce them into the organisation?

How did they use technologies to motivate and drive people allowing different activities and cultures to work together despite distance and differences? How did they use Learning and Communication technologies to unit people more and more without affecting the Corporate culture, fundamental freedoms, or the need for human relations of proximity? Finally, how did they succeed to not compromise the two essential roles of the Corporate University, which are to implement the business strategies and to embody the Corporate culture and Corporate brand in all stakeholders?

Four Collaborative Learning Sessions allowed participates to:

  1. Clarify the concept of Resilience applicable and applied to Corporate Universities and Learning & Development.
  2. Identify the best innovative ways shaped by Corporate Universities and their stakeholders, which support the business and cultural transformation of their parent organisation during the Covid-19 crisis pandemic.
  3. Foster the GlobalCCU global community to work together on the future of their profession post Covid.

The Corporate University Soft Power

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." said Nelson Mandela.

For the founder of GlobalCCU, who has observed the Corporate University industry since the end of 90s, it is obvious that these educational structures demonstrate important political and organisational talents. Open to the world, they allow their parent organisation to penetrate new markets, to solve competitiveness issues, to seize business opportunities; to reach new populations to promote sectors of activity which were not formerly attractive and yet essential for the company or the country; to open up their social body and country to other cultures and practices; to play a role in the resolution of major structural problems of our time such as the climate crisis through learning solutions, the reduction of social inequality and improvement of diversity and inclusion of the workforce, the development of social integration of citizens in the world of work; to contribute to higher competitiveness of the national economy and influence internationally which is very valuable in the unprecedented economic, social and health crisis that the world is experiencing. They exert an important soft power of their parent organisation, of the country, of its headquarters and of the planet, demonstrating an accomplished art of conviction, fidelity and influence with their governance and their major stakeholders through non-coercive means. One condition: to not be a training Centre or Department, but a true Corporate University.

This challenging and very contemporary theme will be prepared and presented by Corporate University Executives who have already implemented very innovative practices in this field.

A Panel discussion of Corporate University directors on this theme will allow you to:

  • Understand the Corporate University Soft Power concept and stakes.
  • Realise the soft power played by Corporate Universities through concrete examples across different cultures, geographical locations and activity sectors.
  • Identify their own efficient influence to solve problems facing their Organisation, country and the planet, with its advantages and limits.

2021 GlobalCCU Awards Winners’ Powwow

Was an exceptional benchmarking session highlighting some of the 2021 Award winners’ best nuggets chosen by GlobalCCU from the applications independently of their Gold, Silver, Bronze award level.


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